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IBLCE Registry

Use the search feature below to verify an individual is certified by IBLCE. Those certified before 2013 will have both a new Certification Number and their original Certification Number/IBCLC ID Number. Those certified after 2013 will only have a Certification Number.

To verify whether an individual is certified by IBLCE, if you do not possess the new certification number (indicated by L-_____), you may still verify by original Certification Number/IBCLC ID Number. Or, if you prefer, to confirm that an individual is certified with the most up-to-date information, please execute the Certification Verification Form posted on the website using either the previous or current number and forward to the appropriate IBLCE office. IBLCE can verify by either number.

*Registry updated 29 July 2016.


IBCLC Certification Verification Form

Please fax the form to the appropriate regional office:

IBLCE in the Americas & Israel

IBLCE in Europe, Middle East & North Africa
+43 (0) 2252 20 64 87

IBLCE in Asia-Pacific & Africa
07 5529 8922 (within Australia)
+617 5529 8922 (outside Australia)