Who Seeks IBCLC Certification?

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®) credential is an international certification sought by qualified health professionals, breastfeeding support counsellors and other appropriately educated individuals worldwide.

Among the health professionals seeking IBCLC certification, many are nurses. This includes nurses with varying levels of higher education, from bedside nurses with 2 to 3 years of higher education to nurses with graduate degrees. Midwives, dieticians and physicians or medical doctors also frequently seek the IBCLC credential.  Other health professionals such as medical technologists, dentists, pharmacists, speech therapists, physiotherapists/physical therapists and occupational therapists also apply for IBCLC certification.

Breastfeeding support counsellors, who work or volunteer for an organization that meets criteria established by IBLCE, may seek IBCLC certification. Counsellors from the Australian Breastfeeding Association and La Leche League International are examples of the types of breastfeeding support counsellors who seek IBCLC certification. In addition, breastfeeding peer counsellors who work in a hospital or clinic will sometimes apply for IBCLC certification.

IBCLC certification can be a reality for individuals who have no background in providing lactation and breastfeeding care and this is an undertaking that requires careful planning. Please carefully review the information found on the Preparing for IBCLC Certification page.