What LRP rules should I be aware of to avoid dismissal from the examination?

The IBCLC is a professional credential, and examination security is important to the integrity of the credential. IBCLCs’ work impacts the health of infants and parents, and therefore verification of their knowledge is of great importance. Please carefully read the IBCLC examination administration rules:

  • Candidates must not leave the examination workspace.  The only time permitted for a break is in between Part 1 and Part 2 of the examination. Candidates must alert the proctor before moving away from the web-camera during the break and after finalising the examination. Leaving the view of the web-camera without acknowledgement from the proctor, including during your scheduled break, will result in an immediate dismissal from your examination.
  • No third party, including other people or pets, may be present in the room or enter the room during the examination. If this occurs, your examination will be terminated.
  • Turning off lighting or computer audio, moving from your original testing location, or speaking to or receiving aid from other individuals is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal from the examination.
  • A visual inspection will be conducted before you start the examination as part of the security protocol.
  • Candidates found in possession of electronic devices of any kind, phones, or study guides during the examination or during breaks will be immediately dismissed and their examination will not be scored.
  • Light clothing items removed for comfort such as sweaters, suit jackets, scarves, etc., must be hung on your chair, not placed in your lap or on the workstation desktop. Outerwear such as heavy coats, parkas, raincoats, etc., is not permitted in the immediate testing area.
  • Only pre-approved comfort aids or pre-approved medical aids/devices are permitted into the workspace. Please check if you have pre-approved accommodations listed in your Examination Authorisation Email. 
  • Questions concerning the examination content are not permitted. Remote proctors are not allowed to provide interpretation or clarification of examination questions and/or define words.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated and, if discovered, will result in a candidate’s scores being cancelled or her/his certification being revoked in accordance with IBLCE policies and procedures and/or legal action against the candidate, including criminal prosecution.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited during the examination.
  • Written notes, published materials, and other testing aids are strictly prohibited during the examination and during your scheduled break.
  • You are not to read aloud while taking the examination.
  • You will be asked to agree to all the testing vendor’s testing regulations before your LRP examination. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in dismissal from your examination.
  • Candidates are required to be professional, civil, and respectful at all times while testing.
  • Candidates who finish the examination early may leave the workspace. The proctor must be alerted.