Credential Verification

Enter the individual’s name and/or IBCLC Credential Number (L-#) and click “Search registry” to verify their IBCLC certification.

(Provided values must be an exact match. Please do not search by partial values. For example, do not enter “J” as the given name for “Jane Doe.” It’s helpful to search by given and family name together to narrow your search results)

This data is valid as of February 8, 2021. To verify certifications or recertifications made after this date, you can submit a Certification Verification Form to the IBLCE location that serves you.

IBCLCの資格保有者を確認することが難しい場合は(現在は英語のみの情報です)あなたのIBLCEの地域オフィスまたは担当のIBLCEコーディネーターにご連絡ください。 この登録情報はまもなく英語以外の言語でも提供される予定です。

영어로 IBCLC 를 확인하기 어려운 경우 IBLCE 사무소 위치 또는 서비스를 제공하는 IBLCE코디네이터에게 문의하십시오. 이 명부는 추가 언어로 정보를 제공하기 위해 곧 업데이트됩니다.