Application Information

2018 April Recertification by Examination Application Now Open
Deadline: 15 November 2017


2017 Recertification by CERPs Applications Now Open
Deadline: 30 September 2017

To submit an online application use the IBLCE Credential Management System.

Already Activated your Online Account?  Go directly to the Login Page and enter your Username and Password.

Never Logged into the System?  IBCLCs already have online accounts, even if you have never accessed it. To log in, use the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” on the Login Page. Please note that you will need your new IBCLC L-# and the email address you have on file with IBLCE. If you have any questions about this, please contact your IBLCE regional office.

Online Application Guide: For a step-by-step walkthrough of the online Recertification process, please review the Recertification Credential Manager Guide.

Application Fees: In order to make its certification financially accessible to all those qualified to participate, despite the wide variance in economic conditions throughout the world, IBLCE uses the purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita metric as determined by international organisations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of countries. Further information on fees can be found in the Recertification Guide and the Fee Schedule .

Deadlines & Exam Dates: Key Dates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Recertifying IBCLCs
Regarding the IBLCE Credential Management System

The IBLCE Credential Manager system has a number of advantages such as access to activity and payment history, the ability to upload supporting documentation or update your contact information and communications preferences. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the credential management system

I have never used an online application system. Can you give me some idea what to expect?
As a current IBCLC, you have a secure, password-protected account in the IBLCE online application system. To access your account, use the “Forgot Password” link on the Log In page to set a new password for your account and log in to the system.

Once you receive the information about how to log into your account, you will use your internet browser to open the web link, activate your account, set your password and update your personal information such as mailing address, birth date and email address.

After you have updated your personal information, the system will present you with several forms to complete. You will enter your responses directly into the online form and/or choose your response by clicking on the most appropriate response from a list of options. The screenshot below shows examples of the types of questions found on the forms.

Each time you complete and submit a form, the system will provide you with instructions about what to do next. If you have any questions as to next steps, click on the “My Home Page” link and follow the instructions provided.

How do I enter the online application system?
You can now login to the online system here. The Login Page will appear as in the screenshot below. You will enter the system by using your username and password.

When will I be approved to sit the exam and how will I know I’ve been approved?
How quickly you are approved to sit the exam is largely dependent upon your completion of the application forms and your submission of any required documentation. Unless there are unusual circumstances, you should know the status of your application within about two weeks of IBLCE’s final receipt of all required forms and supporting documentation. You will be notified of your approval to sit the exam through a message on the “My Home Page” screen of your IBLCE Credential Manager account. Please note that you will not receive a notification email – you must login to the system to see if you have been approved. See the screenshot below as an example of how the “My Home Page” screen will appear.

What information or documents do I need to have ready when applying?
If you are applying for recertification by exam, you will primarily need personal information and information about exam preferences such as whether you are requesting accommodations during the exam administration and/or where you would like to sit the examination. If you are requesting accommodations, you will need documentation that supports the need for accommodations. In addition, if you respond “Yes” to one or more of the Required Questions, you will need to provide explanations for your responses.

For recertification by CERPs, besides your personal information, you will need information about your continuing education activities over the past five years. You should have copies of all your certificates of completion, transcripts, brochures and/or syllabi for the continuing education you are reporting. If your application is selected for audit, you will be required to submit this supporting documentation for the educational activities you reported on your CERPs Information form. As with recertification by exam, if you answer “Yes” to any of the Required Questions, you must provide an explanation for your responses, along with official documentation from a third-party (e.g. court records) related to the outcome of the matter(s).

As you respond to questions on application forms, you can save the form for later completion by clicking on the “Save for Later” button. This allows you to come and go from the system as your schedule permits. The only exception to this rule is the Information screen which requires certain specific information, such as address and other contact information.

What is the difference between the on-line application system, Pearson Credential Management system, and Pearson VUE computer-based testing?
Pearson VUE offers a number of certification products and services, one of which is the Pearson Credential Management system (formerly called Integral7). However, Pearson VUE’s computer-based testing services are handled by an entirely different division than the division which handles the credential management services. As an exam candidate, you will need to interact with Pearson VUE’s computer-based testing customer support staff; however, IBLCE manages all customer support for the credential management system provided by Pearson Credential Management.

What happens if I forget to activate my online application system account within the amount of time allowed?
If you forget to activate your account within 90days, your activation code will expire. If this happens, please fill out the form found on the Contact IBLCE web page, choose “IBLCE Credential Manager Support” as your Message Category and request that IBLCE staff send you a new account activation email.

I failed the exam in 2015 and want to take the exam in 2016. I understand I already have an account in the IBLCE Credential Manager system. Once I activate my account, what should I do?
If you took and failed the 2015 exam, please go to the Applications Forms section of the IBLCE Credential Manager system and complete the forms to apply to sit  the exam.

I am not computer savvy. Is it possible to submit a paper application?
If your primary language is English, you must complete your application within the IBLCE Credential Manager system. Paper applications in English are not available. In order to assist you in transitioning to the new system, IBLCE is making available these answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a user’s guide including screen shots to help walk you through the process and there is a searchable FAQ section within the new credential management system itself.

What should I do if I forget my username or password?
On the IBLCE Credential Manager Login page there are two links named “Forgot Password” and “Forgot Username.” Clicking on either link will activate an automated email that will provide you with instructions about how to re-set your username and/or password. Or, you may fill out the form found on the Contact IBLCE web page, choose IBLCE Credential Manager Support as your message category and request that IBLCE staff send you a password recovery email.

How will I know what to do once I log into the online system and am ready to begin filling out my application?
Once you have activated your account and updated your personal information, the “My Home Page” screen is the place where you should go for instructions about what to do next. The screen shot below shows the message that a recertifying IBCLC can expect to see.

Once you click on the “Application Forms” link in the yellow left-hand navigation bar, you will see the application forms that are available to you for completion. After you complete each form, the system should return you to the “My Home Page” screen for the next set of instructions.

Regardless, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the “My Home Page” screen is where you can find the general guidance you will need about which forms to complete. The system will also provide answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and a link for Contact Customer Service. In addition, IBLCE will shortly provide a user’s guide for the IBLCE Credential Manager system that will provide more detailed information about filling out the application forms.

I need help using the system, how can I get help and how long can I expect it to take to hear from IBLCE?
To get help using the system, please click on the Contact Customer Service link found under the Help section of the left-hand navigation bar in the IBLCE Credential Manager system. Clicking on this link will open a screen where you can enter your questions/concerns. You can expect a response from IBLCE staff within 4 business days of the date on which you submitted your request.

Please Note: Questions about using the online application system must be submitted through the Contact Customer Service link. However, questions about recertification requirements should be sent to your regional office, preferably by email.

Why is my name different in the online system? I’m pretty sure that I kept my information up-to-date and I don’t understand why my name would be inaccurate.  There are always some inherent challenges when converting data from one system to another and it is possible that some transfer issues occurred when converting data about your name from our former database into the online application system. For example, if the first letter in your name was not capitalized in the old database, this letter will also appear as lower case in the new system. Another fairly common issue is that for candidates who got married during the data transfer, maiden names will be in the system. Please click on the “Contact Customer Service” link in the left-hand yellow navigation bar under the Help section of the “My Home Page” screen and request assistance from IBLCE staff with such issues. The screenshot below shows you the Help section in the system.

Will I get some type of receipt after I submit payment online?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation of your online payment via email communication to your primary email address. You can also print a receipt from your online account in the “Payment History” section.

How do I pay for recertification by exam or CERPs when using the online application system?
The system accepts payment by credit card and prepaid credit card. Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover cards are accepted. Payment is accepted in US dollars only. Payment in other currencies will be converted to US dollars based on the exchange rate for the date of transaction.