Test Centre Checklists

Test Centre Checklist for Before Examination Day


Review IBLCE’s Examination Options & Examination Day Notice

Before you make your IBCLC examination appointment, review your options for taking the examination on IBLCE’s COVID-19 Resource Centre

It is important to review the IBLCE Examination Day Notice.


☐ Schedule Your Appointment

Once you have received your Examination Authorisation Email from IBLCE and have determined that you are going to sit the examination at a test centre, schedule your appointment with Prometric.  You will need to have your eligibility number (provided in the authorisation email) available at the time of scheduling. 

  • If your Examination Authorisation Email indicates that you can schedule your appointment online through the Prometric website, then we strongly encourage you to do so, as Prometric has been experiencing extended customer service phone call wait times.   
  • Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures in place and test centre closures, please know that you may have some challenges scheduling your appointment at first.  Please know that the testing vendor is opening sites and/or appointment times on a regular basis and the IBCLC certification programme is deemed essential so you will have access to all open test centres.  We encourage you to continue to attempt to schedule your appointment, as sites and appointment times will continue to open on a regular basis.   

Learn more about the global test centre network and “Pop-up Sites” for the September 2021 IBCLC examination here.


☐ Check Your IDs

Ensure that you have two forms of identification on hand.  

  • Primary ID must be a valid, unexpired government-issued identification that includes your name, current photograph, and signature.   
  • Secondary ID must have either your name and signature or your name and current photograph

The names on the IDs must match and must be the same name as the one on file with IBLCE on the day of your appointment.  Name changes can be made with IBLCE until August 27, 2021, for the September 2021 examination.  


Read About Social Distancing Measures

Read the information on Prometric’s website about the social distancing measures being taken at the test centre.  Prometric reviews recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (U.S.) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and makes updates based on the regulations of the local jurisdiction at the time. 


☐ Prepare to Take a Mask/Face Covering

Ensure you have a mask or face covering to wear at the test centre. (Per the testing vendor: masks with exhale valves are prohibited to use at the testing centre.) If you have a breast/chestfeeding break scheduled, please also make sure that your caregiver brings a mask or face covering with them.  Prometric has advised IBLCE that your breastfeeding child will not be required to wear a mask or face covering.  Please note that you may also wear gloves at the test centre. 

Find the latest updates to Prometric Test Centre policies here.


Review the Guidelines for Entering a Test Centre

 Make sure that you can attest to all of the following statements:  

  • You have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days;   
  • You have not been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days*;  
  • You are not experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms; and 
  • You have not returned from travel to a highly infected area in the past 14 days**.

*Medical and healthcare professionals who have been practicing safe and preventative measures using personal protective equipment with their patients are an exception.  

**Highly-infected areas subject to travel restrictions/quarantine requirements are typically identified at the local level via orders, directives, or guidelines. Please consult with local requirements on restricted travel in the location you wish to test. 

Note that Prometric updates these attestation statements above as appropriate, so please review the Prometric website and the social distancing measures regularly leading up to your appointment day, particularly in the several days prior to, and the day of, your appointment. You can also view the information that the World Health Organization has published about international travel in relationship to COVID-19.   

Test Centre Checklist for Examination Day


☐ Bring Your IDs

Bring your two IDs that match your name on file with IBLCE.


☐ Bring Your Mask/Face Covering

A mask or face covering will be required to enter the test centre. 

Find the latest updates to Prometric Test Centre policies here.


☐ Arrive Early

Arrive at the testing centre at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled examination time, to allow for security procedures (ID check, etc.) and seating. 


☐ Know the Social Distancing and Test Centre Guidelines

Read Prometric’s website about the social distancing measures being taken at the test centre for that day. IBLCE’s policies do not require your biometrics (fingerprints) to be taken at the time of the examination, however, in order to protect the integrity of your credential, the testing vendor, much like at the airport, uses scanning with a metal detector and wanding as an added security measure. Due to COVID-19 procedures, your test centre may not be wanding candidates that day.   


☐ Take the IBCLC Examination!

Updated on July 14, 2021

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