IBLCE CERP Provider Online Learning Programmes

Due to the inability of many to attend in-person educational offerings, IBLCE is providing information at this time about online lactation educational offerings that can assist IBCLCs and other stakeholders complete their education requirements.  IBLCE is making available the following list of Long-Term and Short-Term CERP Provider programmes to which IBLCE has assigned CERPs.  This list will be updated as courses become available.

Please note that IBLCE does not require, recommend, or endorse any particular course listed below*.  Listings below do not constitute endorsement of content. If you require additional information–hours, cost of the programme, or any other details–about the course, please contact the education provider directly.  IBLCE is not responsible for the terms of the business relationship between the student and the education provider.

We suggest that you carefully review the IBCLC certification education requirements, found in the IBCLC Certification and Recertification sections on this website. If you are applying for the IBCLC examination as an initial candidate and decide to complete any of the programmes listed below, please note that only those hours awarded L-CERPs will count toward the 95 hours of lactation specific education.

CERP Provider Online Education Offerings Chart: Last updated March 17, 2023 

Please note that prior to IBLCE’s authorisation to list these educational opportunities, IBLCE specifically asked each of the listed educational providers whether they, or ANY of the speakers at these events, have any relationship–professional, personal, paid, or volunteer–with any non-WHO Code compliant entities.  Each of the providers listed below represented that no such relationships were present.

To Download the CERP Provider Online Education Offerings List Please Click Here