Public IBCLC Certification Registry

You can find the official Public Registry of IBCLCs below. Please use this link to verify the credentials of any IBCLC, either by IBCLC Credential Number (L-#) or by name.


This data is valid as of July 1, 2022.

IBLCE is in the process of migrating our registry to a new system so it is linked to IBLCE’s online credential management system.  We are working on enhancements to this new registry and will make it available again once these enhancements, including search by name, have been implemented. While these enhancements are in progress, we have updated our previous registry to include 2020 certifications and recertifications and made it available temporarily.

If you have any questions about IBCLC certification verification, please contact the IBLCE location that serves you. 

You may also confirm that an individual is certified with the most up-to-date information by executing the Certification Verification Form using the IBCLC Credential Number (L-#) and forwarding to the appropriate IBLCE location. IBLCE requires the use of this Certification Verification Form. External release forms are not accepted, as some forms do not comport with IBLCE policy, inclusive of data privacy.

IBCLCs can also contact their IBLCE location for a letter verifying certified status that can be provided to third parties.

*For candidates in the Americas and Israel region: If you need to send your certification verification form, please do so only via email to

Important Notes about IBCLC Credential Numbers:

IBCLCs can find their Credential Number (L-#) in their account of IBLCE’s online credential management system. Once you log in, you can find it in the “My Credentials” tab of your account. Learn more about accessing your account here. For those whose certification is lapsed/expired, you will receive a new Credential Number if you become certified again. Your original Credential Number will no longer be valid. Please follow the directions above to learn how to find your Credential Number in your online account.

IBCLC Certification Start and Expiration Dates:

Please note that start dates for new certificants are dependent upon the examination passed. For those who pass the April IBCLC examination, the start date is July 1 of that year; for those who pass the September examination, it is January 1 of the next year. IBCLCs are certified for five years.

Expiration dates for IBCLCs are December 31 of the year they are due to recertify, except for those who do not pass the April examination: their expiration date will change to June 30 of that year, due to not meeting IBCLC recertification requirements at that time. Due to adjusted timing of the April/May 2021 examination because of the impacts of COVID-19, IBCLCs who did not pass the April/May 2021 examination only will have an expiration date of July 31, 2021.