Public Registry

Use the search feature below to verify an individual is certified by IBLCE. Those certified before 2013 will have both a new Certification L-Number and their original Certification Number/IBCLC ID Number. Those certified after 2013 will only have a Certification L-Number.

In the search feature below, you are able to search by new Certification L-Number, original Certification Number/IBCLC ID Number, given name and family name. It is best to search with as much specific information as you are able.

To verify whether an individual is certified by IBLCE, if you do not possess the new Certification L-Number, you may still verify by original Certification Number/IBCLC ID Number. Or, if you prefer, to confirm that an individual is certified with the most up-to-date information, please execute the Certification Verification Form using either the previous or current number and forward to the appropriate IBLCE office. IBLCE can verify by either number.

In 2016, IBLCE began offering the IBCLC exam twice-a-year. Due to the transition, the IBCLC expiration date was changed from October 31 to December 31 of the year of expiration. IBLCE updates the online registry two times a year, in January and July. Please note that if a current IBCLC does not pass the April exam then their expiration date is June 30 of that year.

국내에서 IBCLC 자격자의 인증여부를 검색하시려면, 영문 이름 (First/Given Name) 칸에 영어로 귀하의 이름을 기입하시고, 영문 성(Family Name) 칸에 한글로 귀하의 이름을 기입하십시요.
검색을 하실때는 귀하가 작성하신 신청서의 정보와 정확히 일치해야만 합니다. 만일 위의 방법으로 검색이 어려울 경우, 영문 이름/성(Given and/or Family Name) 칸에 귀하의 이름을 영어로만 검색하시길 바랍니다.


*Updated 20 October 2017