Pathway 2: Accredited Lactation Academic Programmes

Pathway 2 IBCLC applicants must complete a comprehensive academic programme in human lactation and breastfeeding that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or another accrediting body with equivalent accreditation standards for lactation academic programmes. The programme must be accredited at the time of the candidate’s completion.

These comprehensive lactation academic programmes are university or college-based, include both didactic and clinical components, and require health sciences education, whether as a prerequisite or as education which must be earned concurrently, prior to completion of the academic programme.

All Pathway 2 applicants, via their lactation academic programme, must have:

  •  Minimum of 90 hours of lactation specific education within the five years immediately prior
    to examination application.
  •  If applying for the April 2021 examination or beyond, an additional five (5) hours of education focused on communication skills. Preferably these five hours will be directly related to lactation and breastfeeding care, but this is not a requirement.
  •  Minimum of 300 hours of directly supervised lactation specific clinical practise within the five years immediately prior to examination application.

o The IBCLC(s) providing the direct supervision must be currently certified IBCLCs in good standing.

Pathway 2 IBCLC applicants must have completed the accredited lactation academic programme within the five years immediately prior to their examination application. Only these specific programmes are eligible.

Each academic programme has unique admission and completion requirements. You must contact the schools directly for more information about their precise requirements. For a listing of Pathway 2 programmes visit the CAAHEP website and select “Lactation Consultant” in the “Profession Name” search field.