Pathway 3: Mentorship with an IBCLC

Pathway 3 mentorship is a structured, defined relationship between an applicant and IBCLC(s) which must be preapproved. The mentorship must be developed according to the specifications found in the Pathway 3 Plan Guide, and the certification status of the IBCLCs serving as mentors must be verified by IBLCE prior to beginning the mentorship. All Pathway 3 Plans MUST be verified by IBLCE through an application process (which includes a fee) PRIOR to earning clinical hours for this Pathway.

In addition to the Health Sciences Education courses, Pathway 3 candidates must complete:

  • Minimum of 90 hours of lactation specific education within the five years immediately prior to examination application.
  • If applying for the April 2021 examination or beyond, an additional five (5) hours of education focused on communication skills. Preferably these five hours will be directly related to lactation and breastfeeding care, but this is not a requirement.
  • Minimum of 500 hours of directly supervised lactation specific clinical practise as described in the Pathway 3 Plan Guide and obtained within the five years immediately prior to examination

o The IBCLC(s) who provide the direct supervision must be currently     certified IBCLCs in good standing.