Strategic Plan


IBLCE is valued worldwide as the most trusted source for certifying practitioners in lactation and breastfeeding care.


IBLCE establishes the highest standards in lactation and breastfeeding care worldwide and certifies individuals who meet these standards.


Excellence:  We strive for excellence
Diversity:  We value and respect different cultures, languages, and backgrounds
Respect:  Our interactions are guided by respect for others
Integrity: We are honest and ethical
Communication: We believe open and timely communication is important
Collaboration: We work together to achieve the best results


  • Breastfeeding positively impacts mothers, babies and societies worldwide.
  • Breastfeeding should be the norm and is the optimal way to feed and nurture infants and young children.
  • IBLCE certification sets the highest standards for lactation consultants.
  • IBLCE certification is essential so that the public has access to expert lactation care.
  • Lactation care must include respect for the individual needs of each mother and baby.
  • The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes is valuable and important.
  • Every mother deserves professional breastfeeding care that is unaffected by commercial influence.


  1. To administer the premier international, rigorous, relevant, comprehensive, standardised, certification programme that promotes high quality lactation and breastfeeding care.

Explore developments and current best practices in certification and recertification.

2. To promote the IBCLC certification as the most valued and effective certification in lactation and breastfeeding care.

Communicate the relevance and effectiveness of the IBLCE certification, examination and IBCLC certificants.

3. To improve access to the certification by broadening outreach.

Increase the number of IBLCE programs and comunications to facilitate diversification.

4. To enhance customer service.

Enhance translation of collateral materials.
Reduce the turn-around time for responsive communication to stakeholders in their language.