IBLCE Founding Meeting

“Way back in the 1980s, we started investigating just how professions form, what comes first, how are people regulated, and realised that we needed to do the examination first. We worked with experts all over the world, found a 60-person panel of experts to give us ideas, and created a survey called the “World Delineation Survey.” We asked everyone that we could think of, “What issue occur in breastfeeding? When do these issues happen? And how critical is it?” So, we took all of that and put it in a two-dimensional examination grid, which is now called the Detailed Content Outline. So how often something occurred and how critical it was – frequency and criticality – got more questions on the examination than something that didn’t happen very often or wasn’t very critical.

It was talking and listening to experts in other fields that made the difference. What did the nurses do well? What do midwives do well? What can we borrow from other professions to create a profession that was evidence-based?”

Linda J. Smith, MPH, IBCLC