What can I expect when I arrive at the test centre?

To gain admission to the examination, candidates must present TWO (2) forms of identification.

The primary ID must have the candidate’s name, current photograph, and signature, and the secondary ID must have either their name and signature or their name and current photograph. Review the details of these requirements in the Candidate Information Guide.

Please note: If you are taking the examination via LRP, you may not use a bank/credit card or social security card as a form of ID.

The names on the IDs must match and must be the same name as the one on file with IBLCE. Candidates who need to update or make changes to their name MUST contact IBLCE with these changes and such updates/changes must be made by the deadline listed in examination authorisation email; however, the IDs must be valid, unexpired, and match at the time of examination check-in.

When you arrive at the test centre, you will need to register with the test administrator, your identification will be inspected, and you will be asked to sign in. In addition, you will be required to store your personal items (e.g. jewelry, watches, bags) in a locker for which you will be provided a key. You may want to consider leaving valuable or other treasured items at home if you are not comfortable leaving them in a locker.  Much like the airport, you will be required to undergo wanding with a hand-held device or to walk through a metal detector.  This is an important security step to protect the integrity of the examination content and the certification. Wanding allows for the detection of concealed, prohibited items that candidates may have on their person.  This scanning must be performed for all candidates unless the candidate has an implanted medical device such as an insulin pump or pacemaker that is documented by a medical card.  Please note that due to COVID-19, wanding may not occur at your test centre.  You will be asked to demonstrate that your pockets are empty. Candidates who are wearing a cast due to a fractured limb may be subject to inspection, as are candidates with tattoos. Please understand that these measures are part of standard test centre security procedures.

Please note: candidates will be asked to agree to Test Centre Regulations upon arrival to the test centre. If a candidate does not comply with these regulations, then they may be dismissed from the examination with forfeiture of the examination fees paid, including invalidation of the test score and/or pursuit of civil or criminal charges.

IMPORTANT: Please review test centre policies regarding social distancing, etc. here.

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