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Save the Date: IBLCE Virtual Informational Session to be held on December 15, 2020

Are you a Breastfeeding Counsellor and interested in becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®)?  Or would your organisation like to be listed as an IBLCE® Recognised Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organisation?

If so, IBLCE is hosting a Virtual Informational Session on December 15, 2020!  Learn more about possibilities to enhance your career in the lactation field and/or get this recognition for your organisation. 

Have questions? Please submit your questions about Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organisations in advance of the session to by December 6, 2020 including in the subject line “Question for IBLCE Virtual Informational Session.”  IBLCE will answer your frequently asked questions!

The Virtual Informational Session will be available on our website on December 15, 2020.

Find more information about Recognised Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organisations here and here.

IBLCE announces key dates for the 2021 IBCLC examination administrations

The IBCLC examination is offered twice a year, in April/May (in English only) and in September (in all IBLCE languages).

The schedule for application and administration of the 2021 IBCLC examination is as follows:

Apply for the April/May 2021 examination:
Dec. 8, 2020 – Jan. 20, 2021
April/May 2021 IBCLC examination dates:
Apr. 27 – May 6, 2021
Apply for the September 2021 examination:
Apr. 19 – May 28, 2021
September 2021 IBCLC examination dates:
Sept. 15 – 24, 2021

The schedule to recertify by CERPs is:

Apply to recertify by CERPs:
Apr. 19 – Sept. 30, 2021

There are several new eligibility criteria for both initial candidates and recertifying IBCLCs beginning in 2021:

Announcement about Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) still to come: IBLCE will announce later this year if we will offer the examination via LRP in 2021. IBLCE received a COVID-19 exception to use LRP where available in 2020 from its third-party accreditor, and we are waiting for a decision by the IBCLC programme accreditor to determine if this exception will continue in 2021.

Please visit IBLCE’s COVID-19 Resource Centre regularly for application and examination updates.

Follow IBLCE on social media for reminders about when application windows open and close and the latest IBLCE news (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Tell Us Your Story: IBCLCs Stepping Up to Provide Breastfeeding Care During the Pandemic

IBCLCs can always be counted on to support breastfeeding families, even during challenging times!

During this pandemic, IBCLCs in hospitals, clinics and communities are working to ensure that families have excellent lactation support and care.  For many, this is one of the biggest challenges faced at this time.

The IBLCE Board has recorded a video message to wish you and all IBCLCs well as you work through this pandemic and to share how they are working through it as well.

Now, we would love to hear from you! How has your practice changed due to this global health crisis?

Please take photos or a short video (less than two minutes) and send us your story! What does a day in your life look like now as you continue to provide breastfeeding care? We want to compile a visual story of your efforts to showcase and inspire others! 

Upload your video/photos to IBLCELINK via Sharefile. Choose Recipient: IBLCE Link

Please send us:

  • Your name and title as you’d like it to appear in the final video
  • Your video as a .mov or .mp4 (mobile phone videos are acceptable)
  • Your photographs (please include captions or explanation of your photos)
  • Your email address

Send us your contribution by September 6, 2020. IBLCE staff may contact you to go over details after you have submitted your video or photos.

A few tips to set yourself up for a better video:

  • Record your mobile phone video horizontally, please!
  • Try to avoid direct, harsh lighting from above as your only/main light source. A few different light sources from different angles is better if that is possible.
  • Find a spot in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. For better sound quality, a carpeted room or a room with more soft flooring/furnishing is best if possible.
  • Set yourself up so you can look directly into your camera.

We are looking forward to witnessing how IBCLCs have adjusted to help breastfeeding families around the world.

We appreciate you taking the time to contribute to this project! We will make our best effort to include all submissions, but depending on the number of submissions received, that may not be possible. Thank you for understanding.

IBLCE® is pleased to relaunch the IBCLC® Practice Examination

Originally launched in 2015, this online practice examination will allow test-takers an opportunity to experience the look and format of an IBCLC certification examination, as well as the opportunity to experience a timed, computer-based test.

The practice examination consists of 100 (items) questions that align with the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline. All items on the practice examination are multiple choice questions and include the three types used on the IBCLC certification examination:

  • text-only items,
  • questions with an associated image or graphic, and
  • items that require the test-taker to utilise a case study, or written record of a lactation consultation.

Test-takers will receive a report at the conclusion of the practice examination that will show the number of correctly and incorrectly answered items, broken down by domains in the Detailed Content Outline to help determine in which areas they may wish to devote further study.

The practice examination is $50 USD. The practice examination is available in English only. 

The IBCLC Practice Examination is optional, is not required to apply for or obtain certification as an IBCLC and is not the only or preferred route to certification. It is not the best or only means for preparing adequately for the examination. Taking the practice exam also does not guarantee a passing score, certification, or any other particular result. Candidates should adopt a comprehensive study plan based on the established criteria and body of knowledge; candidates are fully responsible for their own preparation, course of study, professional services, examination, and meeting recertification requirements.


Our COVID-19 Resource Centre is live!

As announced in the IBLCE Informational Webinar on May 28, 2020, the IBLCE COVID-19 Resource Centre is live! This site includes answers to many of the questions you submitted for the webinar, as well as updates about both the rescheduled March/April and September examinations AND certification and recertification in 2020. This site will be updated weekly to keep you posted on the latest news.

Seminario en Línea Informativo de IBLCE del 2 de Junio del 2020

Si no pudo asistir a nuestro Seminario Informativo en Línea de IBLCE, aún puede obtener información sobre el examen pospuesto de Marzo-Abril y la programación y administración del examen de Septiembre 2020 y otras noticias compartidas en nuestro seminario. Puede encontrar la grabación disponible en nuestro sitio web aquí

IBLCE Informational Webinar Recording from May 28, 2020 Now Available

You can now access a recording of the webinar of Board Chair Norma Escobar, IBCLC, RLC, sharing information about the rescheduled March/April 2020 examination, the scheduling and administration of the September 2020 examination and the latest IBLCE updates. You can view it here.

Puede ver el Seminario Informativo en Línea de IBLCE en español aquí.

IBLCE Now Offering CERP Provider Online Learning Programmes List

Due to the inability of many to attend in-person educational offerings, IBLCE is providing information at this time about online lactation educational offerings that can assist IBCLCs and other stakeholders complete their education requirements.  IBLCE is making available the following list of Long-Term and Short-Term CERP Provider programmes to which IBLCE has assigned CERPs.  This list will be updated as courses become available. Please find more information here or on your language page.