Update as of August 27, 2021: September 2021 Examination Scheduling Update

To date, 90% of the candidates who have received their authorisation have successfully scheduled their examination appointment. You can follow scheduling progress at the September 2021 IBCLC Examination Candidate Dashboard.

This does, however, remain a highly dynamic environment, which continues to pose scheduling challenges due to the impact of the pandemic. IBLCE is working intensively with our third-party testing vendor to seat the remaining candidates as efficiently as possible. Also, as we near the examination window, additional closures due to COVID-19 may affect some candidates. IBLCE has crafted options to help candidates deal with these challenges. You can find information about these options below. 

If you have not yet scheduled your examination appointment, we encourage you to review your Examination Authorisation Email and attempt to schedule your examination as soon as possible.

For candidates with a Breast/Chestfeeding Break, the testing vendor is working to schedule the remaining appointments, and have indicated that remaining candidates will hear regarding an appointment within the next couple of business days.

2021 IBCLC Examination Candidate Financial Options for Withdrawing/Cancelling Examination Appointment

Request a cancellation for a partial refund or full refund due to extraordinary circumstances by Wednesday, September 1, 2021.
Learn more about your options in 2021 here.

Request a deferral to one of the next two examinations by October 24, 2021.
Learn more about your deferral options with documented extraordinary circumstances, including requesting a one-year deferral for recertifying IBCLCs, here.

If you have a question that is specific to your situation, our customer service is here for you. Please reach out to the IBLCE location that serves you.

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