Update as of August 29, 2022: The Continuing Education Self-Assessment is Coming Soon for 2023 Recertification by CERPs

Are you due to recertify in 2023?

In December 2021, IBLCE announced a periodic revision to the updated Detailed Content Outline (DCO), effective 2023, and consequently, IBLCE is revising the CE Self-Assessment to be in alignment with the updated DCO. The Continuing Education Self-Assessment (CE Self-Assessment) will become available to IBCLCs due to recertify in 2023 in October in English, and other IBLCE languages will follow.

If you choose to recertify by CERPs, you are required to take the CE Self-Assessment to help guide your continuing education. The CE Self-Assessment is a free, 2-hour, remote online, approximately 70 multiple-choice-question assessment designed to encourage self-reflection on your knowledge and to identify areas for continued learning. You will receive immediate feedback after taking the CE Self-Assessment in the form of a Personalised Professional Development Plan (PPDP).

In 2023, 20 CERPs (~30%) of the 75 CERPs total required must be based on the PPDP. Any CERPs completed prior to your taking the CE Self-Assessment that cover areas of further study indicated by the PPDP may count toward those 20. The number of CERPs required based on the PPDP will increase to 34 CERPs (~50%) in 2024 and beyond.

After completing all the requirements for recertification, including the required CERPs according to the PPDP, you must submit your recertification by CERPs application and payment by September 30, 2023.

Please note that the CE Self-Assessment will become available in early 2023 for candidates due to renew in 2024-2026, and beginning with candidates renewing in 2027 and beyond, you can expect to receive access 18-24 months after initially certifying or recertifying. Additional details of the transition will be provided soon.

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