UPDATE as of June 4, 2020: Due to COVID-19, the deadline for applications for the September 2020 examination has been EXTENDED to Monday, June 15, 2020.

While we have emailed IBCLCs recertifying by examination multiple times, due to COVID-19, we are unable to mail the typical notices and have extended the deadline to apply for the examination the maximum extent feasible.  This will allow IBCLCs who need to recertify by examination to make sure their correct email address is on file and receive notices.  (Please note it is your professional responsibility to have valid contact information on file).  This will also permit those initial candidates for the IBCLC to complete their eligibility requirements, as is necessary, before submitting their applications.  Please carefully note that Monday, June 15, 2020 is the FINAL deadline to apply for the September 2020 examination.  There will be no further extensions.

Learn more about applying for the examination as an initial candidate here.  

Learn more about applying for recertification here.  

  • IBCLCs must recertify by examination every 10 years. For those due to recertify in 2020, if you did not recertify by examination in your last five-year cycle, you must do so now.  The deadline to apply for the September 2020 examination is now Monday, June 15, 2020. 
  • If you wish, please watch the IBLCE Informational Webinar to learn about why you still need to recertify by examination this year, even though there will be some changes to this process in the future.

You can apply in our new online credential management system in English, Spanish, and German here.  

You can find out more information about how to apply in the other IBLCE languages on your language page.

Important note to approved March/April candidates: you do not need to reapply for the September examination! We will honour your original application.   

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