Update as of January 13, 2023: IBLCE Sending March 2023 Examination Authorisation Emails

IBLCE has begun sending Examination Authorisation Emails to March 2023 candidates, and many candidates have now received their authorisation. We will continue sending them throughout January and February as candidates are approved for the examination.

Please check the email that you have on file with IBLCE to see if you have received your authorisation.

If you have not yet received your authorisation, IBLCE may have requested more information about your application. The sooner this is provided, the sooner you can receive your authorisation.

The authorisation email contains important information needed for scheduling your examination. Please do not attempt to schedule your examination appointment before receiving this communication, as the testing vendor will not be able to schedule your appointment without this information. 

You can also check the March 2023 IBCLC Examination Candidate Dashboard for updates about examination scheduling progress and important deadlines.

Learn more about your options in 2023 at the Examination Resource Centre.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact the IBLCE location that serves you.

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