Update as of December 13, 2022: IBLCE is pleased to announce a new, dynamic IBCLC registry

After completing a major project to leverage additional functions of IBLCE’s database while maintaining privacy, IBLCE has a new, dynamic registry to provide IBCLCs with a useful tool to verify their certification in near real time. This new registry updates within 24 hours of changes being made in the IBLCE Credential Management System. The previous registry was updated only twice a year, in July and January, after new IBCLCs become certified.

  • IBCLCs recertifying by CERPs can now use the registry to verify their certification within 24 hours of their application being approved.
  • IBCLCs recertifying by examination will appear in the registry shortly after their scores are released.
  • New IBCLCs will appear on the registry on the first day of their certification (January 1 for those who pass the examination in September, July 1 for those who pass the examination in March/April).

This includes current certification expiration dates for IBCLCs who successfully recertify, as well as name updates once approved. Your clients or employers can search for you by your name, to include your name in your primary language if you have provided this information, or your Credential Number (L-#).

If you have any questions, please contact the IBLCE region that serves you.

For new IBCLCs who certified by passing the September 2022 examination: your certification starts on January 1, 2023. You will appear in the new IBLCE Registry beginning on your certification start date.

For those who recertified by examination or by CERPs in 2022: the registry is current with your new expiration date.

Find the new registry here!

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