Update as of March 19, 2021: IBLCE Begins to Send April/May 2021 Examination Authorisation Emails

IBLCE is now sending Examination Authorisation Emails to April/May 2021 candidates and will continue sending them over the next several weeks until all approved candidates have received them. We will post regular status updates on the IBLCE COVID-19 Resource Centre about authorisation emails and scheduling.

Due to details flowing from use of the LRP testing modality, some details needed to be finalised before emails could be disseminated.  Thank you for your patience. 

For the April/May 2021 examination administration, you have the option to take the IBCLC examination via Live Remote Proctoring from your home or by going to a test centre. You also have other financial options available to you. Please review the information below and on IBLCE’s website carefully so that you can make the most appropriate decision for yourself in your unique circumstances.

Live Remote Proctoring (LRP)

IBLCE is offering LRP again in 2021 to provide, where feasible, greater options. However, please remember that this is a new IBCLC examination modality and there are several aspects to consider when determining if this modality is appropriate for you.

LRP is currently available to candidates who are taking the examination in English (LRP is offered only in English by the third-party testing vendor at this time). Additionally, candidates who wish to take the examination via LRP must meet the system requirements and environmental requirements. It is critically important to complete a system readiness check before scheduling an LRP examination. Testing via LRP introduces several new variables that differ from testing at a test centre.  Please note that it is possible for technical issues to arise on your computer or network, on the testing vendor’s system, or from communication issues between the two systems.

To understand this option and make an informed decision on what examination modality is appropriate for you, please consult the information about taking an examination via LRP on IBLCE’s website and on the testing vendor Prometric’s website.  

Test Centres

You also have the option to take the examination at a test centre, where the test centre supplies the equipment for the examination. However, due to fluid and differing local conditions and restrictions, seating may be somewhat challenging in some areas. If you are having difficulty scheduling, we encourage you to check back regularly as available appointments may change.

To learn more about the test centre experience, please consult information about taking the examination at a test centre on IBLCE’s website and on Prometric’s website.

Financial Options Available to You

IBLCE understands that this is a fluid environment and has crafted policies to allow you to make appropriate decisions given your own personal situation.

If sitting the IBCLC examination is not feasible for you in April/May, there are options for both recertifying or initial candidates to defer to a future examination or withdraw for a full or partial refund. You can find your financial options here.

Please note: the deadline for candidates to request a full or partial refund has been extended to April 19, 2021.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact the IBLCE location that serves you.

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