Update as of July 15, 2022: Next Steps for September 2022 IBCLC Examination Candidates

If you applied to sit the September 2022 IBCLC examination, thank you for your commitment to professional lactation care!

After you submit your application, you may be wondering what comes next. Please read below to learn more about the process – and check the September 2022 IBCLC Examination Candidate Dashboard periodically to track where we are in this process.

Currently, IBLCE is reviewing applications. We received over 4,000 applications this year, and it takes 1-2 months after the application deadline for IBLCE to review all applications. You can check your online account to learn the status of your application.

* Please note: If you applied in a language other than English, Spanish, or German, there may be some time between when you submit your application and when it appears in the online credential management system. Thank you for your patience! 

It is not possible to schedule your September 2022 IBCLC examination yet. IBLCE anticipates beginning to send Examination Authorisation Emails for the September 2022 IBCLC examination this month, starting with candidates approved for breast/chestfeeding breaks. After you receive your authorisation email, you can then schedule your examination for the examination window: September 14-23, 2022.

Check the September 2022 IBCLC Examination Candidate Dashboard regularly to learn more!

In the meantime, you may wish to use Prometric’s test centre location tool to view information about existing testing centres. You can enter your preferred location and the range of examination dates provided above.

Please know that neither IBLCE nor Prometric can guarantee the availability of appointments at your preferred location. Locations shown are also subject to change, so we encourage you to check back when you schedule your examination. Additionally, it is very important to review this list of testing centres that have specific COVID-19-related requirements.

If you have a question specific to your situation, you can contact the IBLCE location that serves you.

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