Update as of September 29, 2021: The Application for Retired Status is Coming in Mid-October

As announced previously, the Retired Status is a new option that allows retired IBCLCs to stay connected to IBLCE and to recognise their years of service as an IBCLC.

While originally scheduled to open in September, this new status is coming soon! After a small delay, the inaugural application window will now open in mid-October.

The application for Retired Status will become available in English first. Applications in other IBLCE languages will follow.

IBCLCs due to recertify in 2021 and former IBCLCs whose certification expired between 2010 and 2020 will have a one-year window, or until September 30, 2022, to apply for this new status.

Moving forward, IBCLCs must apply for IBCLC Retired Status in the year that their certification expires.

This new status is one of recognition and is for those who are no longer actively practising as an IBCLC and do not intend to return to practice.

Learn more about the details of this new status here.

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