Update as of February 4, 2021: 2020 IBCLC Certificates and ID Cards Status Update

In December 2020, IBLCE communicated in an update on the IBLCE COVID-19 Resource Centre, as well as to examination candidates via email that there are several options for certification verification and that we are actively researching certificate options to be released this year. We understand that some have concerns about the delay and changes to IBCLC certificates and ID cards from 2020. We appreciate this is of the utmost importance.  

If you require verification NOW, there are several options currently available to you, as set forth below. IBLCE will provide all IBCLCs who certified or recertified in 2020 with an IBCLC certificate when it is feasible to do so. IBLCE posted an FAQ about why this was not possible in 2020. Knowing how important this is, we will be providing you with regular updates on progress toward this end.

Our goal is to provide you with a convenient suite of certification verification options that add value for IBCLCs which is also secure. So far, IBLCE has worked to quickly provide examination results online, inclusive of an online score report and certification status page, in our new online credential management system, as well as to enhance the public IBCLC Registry so that it is updated in real-time. We will continue to roll out new options as they become available.

What verification options are available NOW?

You can:

What verification options are coming?

In the coming weeks, IBLCE will provide those who successfully passed the IBCLC examination in 2020 with a formal email confirming their certification. This may satisfy certain verification needs.

As noted in a recent update on the IBLCE COVID-19 Resource Centre, IBLCE has been researching digital certificate and ID card options including those that are printable. Should this be feasible to implement worldwide, it is expected that this new verification method will be available in 2021.  As the IBCLC is a global credential, available in 17 specific languages, IBLCE is performing its due diligence to ascertain whether this option will be available in all 17 specific languages.

Digital certificates make it easier than ever for stakeholders to verify credentials and include the ability to share via Social Media. This format allows access to one’s certificate and ID card on a smartphone and online.

IBLCE is actively working to add the ability to search by name to the Public Registry and will provide more specific updates as they are available.   

Why is this not immediately available?

IBLCE is working diligently to provide you with these additional certification verification options, but these types of projects – especially during a pandemic – take time. These are some important factors that IBLCE is considering:

  • Security: Any solution must be secure to ensure that the IBCLC credential being used is authentic.  This is important to protect the integrity of your credential.
  • Global Reach: A solution available in 17 IBLCE languages and accessible worldwide.

  • Quality Assurance: IBLCE was unable to mail certificates in 2020 after determining that the necessary quality assurance and logistics were not in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines for protecting IBLCE team members and associated vendors from COVID-19, and IBLCE remains committed to Quality Assurance (QA).The QA for a digital solution can be completed by IBLCE team members given current circumstances, but it still takes time. Especially when rolling out new products, we want to ensure that they work for you as expected.

  • Sustainability: Digital certificates offer a host of benefits for IBCLCs, as well as robust security features to protect the credential. IBLCE is looking for a long-term partner to provide a digital certificate solution that will meet the needs of IBCLCs for years to come.

We will update you as new options become available and as we reach milestones on our way to our goal of providing digital certificates and ID cards. Please continue to check the COVID-19 Resource Centre and our website for additional updates.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to provide you with these new options. Please reach out to the IBLCE location that serves you if you have any questions or need assistance with a specific certification verification question. 

Now more than ever, the work you do supporting breastfeeding families is so important. Thank you.

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